Vanguard Realty Group

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Suite 120
Rockville, MD 20850
Tel: 301.795.1400
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We have been providing all of the critical services below to many commercial real estate assets that rank among the best performing in their respective product class for over three decades.  Now more than ever, these value added services are essential in today‚Äôs competitive commercial real estate environment.

  • Supervision of property management, leasing, construction and project management
  • Long term investment analysis and value preservation
  • Re-development feasibility analysis
  • Acquisition due diligence and financial modeling
  • Repositioning and long term planning analysis and implementation
  • Debt and equity analysis, structure, re-structure and corresponding negotiations
  • Loan underwriting and procurement, commitment and closing services
  • Loan compliance and reporting
  • Ownership entity- financial reporting, preliminary preparation and coordination of income tax reporting
  • Ownership entity- investor services and reporting
  • Ownership entity- State and local licensing and reporting

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