Vanguard Realty Group

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“One of the most important missions at Vanguard is to provide, flexibility, accountability, and service to our clients,
while maximizing the value and performance of their properties."
Thomas D. W. Fauquier, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chairman


In addition to the core business disciplines offered by Vanguard Realty Group and its subsidiary and affiliate companies, the Specialty Services identified below are available to Vanguard’s individual and portfolio property owners.  Reinforcing the core business disciplines, the robust in-house expertise found in Vanguard’s asset management and investment services menu further distinguishes Vanguard from its competitors.

The same institutional grade services that are provided to major landlords are also offered to individual and small property owners. We deliver these services with an in-depth understanding of the entire spectrum of commercial property ownership, from acquisition or development, due diligence, feasibility studies and economic analysis, supervision of property management, leasing, real estate financing, investor relations and long term strategies, all catered to each client’s goals.