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Our Vision


You might ask this question for a number of reasons.  For one of our company founders, asking this question started at his very first job, and naturally evolved into a part of his daily business routine.  Why do we do this? Why this way? Does it provide our clients with the most benefit? Is there a better or more efficient way?  How can you know with any certainty if you don’t first ask, “why do we do this?”

Three decades later, here at Vanguard Realty Group this has progressed into a philosophy for the way we do business every day.  To us, it’s become a contagious discipline.  Asking ourselves -and each other- why we conduct business the way we do leads to more insightful questions that refine and validate our actions; are we achieving the goals of our clients, while serving the overall goals of our company?  Have these goals changed over time?  Should they be changed? 

Smaller victories, and larger ones yet; milestones, and new processes come from every corner of our company. Each employee becomes an essential part of the solution, and all roads lead to real-life results; “best practices” are realized anew with the next task at hand.

By embracing this philosophy, we are uniquely equipped to support our clients and their needs.  We are real estate professionals who strive to have the answer to a client’s question before it's asked.  But if ever we don’t have the answer, we will know how to get it.  We will know where to find it, and we will continue to ask every day, why do we do this?